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Operating Temp. Range  Temp. Range: Synthetics: Polyester: -40 - 300 F;  Polypropylene: -40 - 180 F, Wool Felt -80 - 200 F
Felt Grade Description Color Wool Content Tensile Strength Shore A Hardness Compression for 10% Deflection, psi Vibration Abrasion
F1  High density felt for precision uses where maximum durability and resistance to wear are required. White 95% 500 30-40 21 Superior Superior
F2 High grade felt, less tensile strength than F-1. Pink/Blk/Brown 90% 500 30-40 21 Superior Superior
F3 High grade felt, less tensile strength than
F-1, very similar to F-2 with less wool content.
Grey 85% 400 30-40 13 Superior Superior
F5 High grade, medium density felt recommended for precision uses where resiliency and durability are important factors. White 95% 400 20-30 6 Average Average
F7 Medium density felt similar to F-5 and recommended for similar applications, but where slightly less durable material is permissable Grey 80% 250 20-30 6 Average Average
F10 High grade, medium low density felt, similar in quality to the F-5, but recommended for uses where abrasion and wear resistance are not important factors. White 95% 225 15-25 4 Poor Below Avg.
F11 Medium low density felts recommended for uses similar to those of  F-10 where less durability can be tolerated. Grey 87% 200 15-25 4 Poor Below Avg.
F13 Low Density felt with a wide range of uses where resistance to abrasion, durability and wear are not important requirements. Grey 75% 75 15-25 3 Poor Below Avg.
F15 Very similar to F-13, but with slightly less wool. Grey 55% 75 15-25 3 Poor Below Avg.
F26 Low Density Felt recommended for non-mechanical applications when retained between two other materials. Grey 45% Not Rated 15-25 1 Not Recommended Poor
32S2 - Off White 95% 800 80 121 Good Superior
24S2 - Off White 95% 500 55 58 Good Superior
20S2 - Off White 95% 600 50 58 Good Superior