Dekema Industrial

Compression, Extension, Die, Conical Springs 

Offering Compression Springs, Conical Springs, Die Springs, Safety Drawbar Springs, and Extension Springs, Precision and Utility from the following materials:


302 Stainless Steel

Zinc Plated Steel

Tempered Steel

Silicon Steel Die Springs


Steel Music Wire

Galvanized Steel

Nickel and Chrome Plated


Open Ends Square and Ground Ends Closed Ends
open end springs

302 Stainless -20" Lengths

Tempered Steel-Long Lengths

HDMB-12" Lengths

Spring Music Wire

Spring Tempered Steel

ground end springs

302 Stainless Passivated

Tempered Steel, Zinc Plated

Tempered Steel - Large Springs

302 Stainless Metric Sizes

302 Stainless Metric Precision

Precision 302 Stainless  Zinc Plated

302 Stainless - Ultra Precision

Precision Music Wire Zinc Plated

Steel Music Wire - Large Springs

302 Stainless Pasivated

302 Stainless, Unplated

302 Stainless Zinc Plated

302 Stainless Zinc Plated Precision Sizes

316 Stainless

Steel Music Wire - Metric Sizes

HDMB Zinc Plated

Conical Springs Cot Springs Cot Springs
conical springs cot springs cot springs
302 Stainless Steel Tempered Steel, Unplated Tempered Steel, Zinc Plated
Die Springs
blue die springs

Medium Blue

red die springs

Med-Heavy Red

bronze die springs

Heavy Duty Bronze

green die springs

Extra Heavy Green

Maximum Load Alloy Steel

Extension Springs
black extension springs

Music Wire Black Oxide

extension springs

302 Stainless -20" Lengths

Tempered Steel

Galvanized Tempered Steel

looped extension spring

302 Stainless Nickel Coated    302 Stainless Unplated

Tempered Steel    Steel Music Wire

Unplated Ultra Precision    

stainless steel extension spring

302 Stainless Steel

Music Wire, Precision, Zinc Plated     

Passivated Precision

Music Wire Unplated     Unplated Precision

looped extension springs

Full Loop Ends

drawbar springs

Drawbar Springs

Steel Music Wire Unplated

Steel Music Wire, Zinc Plated

302 Stainless

Long Lengths HDMB

Long Double Loop HDMB

Long Loop Tempered Steel

302 Stainless

Tempered Steel, Zinc Plated