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Tape Offerings:
304 Stainless Steel Tape 304 Stainless Steel Foil tape bonds to most metals.  It is non-magnetic and is not corrosive.  It has an Acrylic Adhesive.  Silver Tint
Acetal POM Tape Celcon Copolymer M25 Acetal Tape, FDA, Acrylic Adhesive, Moisture Resistant, Color-Clear
Acrylic 2 Sided Removable Tape 2 Sided, Acrylic Adhesive Tape, clear, will not separate when removed from applied surface, UV Stabilized, 30 F to 175 F
3M Foam Tape 3M 4926, Dark Grey, UV Stabilized, Solvent, Water Resistant, -40 F to 160 F, 330 V/mil Dielectric
Aluminum Reinforced Tape Silicone Adhesive laminated to fiberglass cloth and aluminum, -65 F to 600 F, Silver Tint
Conductive Aluminum Tape High Thermal Conductive Aluminum Tape, 2 Sided Adhesive, Color-Silver, : 1.4 W/mK, Imedence .025°C in�/W, -40°F to 302°F
Butyl Rubber Tape 2 Sided Sealing Tape, Black, 
Resistance to Hardening, Cracking and Staining, Temp. Range -20°F to 180°F
Copper Foil Conductive Tape Conductive Acrylic Adhesive, The acrylic adhesive which is uniformly dispersed with conductive spheres to provide a very low rate of electrical resistance through the tape. 1 Oz Copper Foil, Temp. Range up to 310°F
Copper Foil Non Conductive Tape Non Conductive Acrylic Adhesive, 1 Oz Copper Foil, Temp. Range up to 310°F
Cork Rubber Tape Density 33 Lbs/Cu. Ft, Acrylic Adhesive, 40-60A Durometer, Black
FEP High Temperature Tape Chemical/Moisture Resistant, Optically Clear, Dieletric Strength: 8500 v/mil, Temp. Range: -100°F to +400°F
Fiberglass Cloth Tape High Temperature Fiberglass Cloth Tapes, Silicone Adhesive, Color-Tan, Non Conductive, Temp. Range -100°F to 500°F
Antistatic Fiberglass PTFE Coated Tape Fiberglass Coated with PTFE Antistatic, Semi Conductive, ESD.  (PTFE) coated fiberglass fabric with SILICONE pressure sensitive can be used for continuous maximum operating temperature, up to 500°F. Food Contact Acceptable.  Black Color.
Pressure Sensitive PTFE Fiberglass Coated Tape Fiberglass Coated PTFE Tapes, Ultra Smooth Surface, Pressure Sensitive Silicone Adhesive, Color-Brown, Operating Temp -100°F to 500°F
Nomex Kevlar Tape Pressure Sensitive Kevlar/Nomex Aramid Tapes, Acrylic Adhesive, Abrasion Resistant, Flame Retardant, Acid and Alkali Resistant. Lightweight, High Strength, Abrasion Resistant, Chemical & Mildew Resistance, Yellow Tint
Mica Tape - Self Fusing Tape Mica bonded to glass cloth with silicone, High Temperature to +2100 F, Color-Greenish Brown, Dielectric Strength : 1200V/mil
Neoprene Tape Closed Cell, Pressure Sensitive Neoprene Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Acrylic Adhesive, Closed Cell, Color-Black, Density 8-1 Lbs/Cu. Ft, -40°F to 158°F
Neoprene Foam Tape - 2 Sided Neoprene Foam Tape, 2 sided Acrylic Adhesive, Black, Temp. Range 0°F to 160°F, Non-UV Stabilized
Neoprene Open Cell Tape Neoprene Pressure Sensitive Tape, Acrylic Adhesive, Open Cell, Black, Temp. Range -20°F to 160°F 
PEEK Tapes - High Temperature Victex PEEK Pressure Sensitive Tapes, Abrasion Resistant/1 Sided Acrylic Adhesive, ASTM D1000, ASTM D3759, ASTM D140, Max. Oper. Temp 350F- Acrylic, Silicone 450F, Dielectric Strength: 8800 V/Mil
Polyethylene Foam Tape Closed Cell, Color-White, Density : 2 Lbs/Cu Ft, Temp. Range -20°F to 170°F
Polyethylene Tape- 2 Sided General Purpose, 2 Sided Adhesive, Color-White, Temp. Range -40°F to 120°F
Polyethylene Surface Protection -UV Tape Surface Protection for Glass, Metal, Laminate Protection, Low Tack, UV Stabilized, Color-Clear
Polyethylene Tape-UV, Foam, Open Cell Tape Foam Tapes, Adhesive on 2 Sides, Closed Cell, Color-White, UV Resistant, Conforms to Irregular Surfaces, Stretches easily, Temp. Range -20°F to 158°F
Polyimide Tape-Kapton Tape Conductive and ESD Kapton Polyimide Tape, Superior Dielectric Strength, High Temperature, Chemical Resistant, Abrasion and Puncture Resistant
Polyurenthane Open Cell Foam Tape Acrylic Adhesive, Open Cell, Color-Grey, Temp. Range -20°F to 160°F
3M PTFE Tape High Bond Adhesive is a 3M high-strength, high tack, chemical-resistant acrylic product. The bond strength of this 3M adhesive increases with time and temperature. High humidity has minimal effect on adhesive performance. 
USDA, FDA, UV Stabilized Acrylic Adhesive
PTFE Masking Tape High Performance Electrical Insulation Silicone or Acrylic Adhesive, 
PTFE Skived Tape High Temperature PTFE Skived Tapes, Chemical Resistant Silicone Adhesive, Color-Tan
PTFE Skived Tape Pg. 2 High Temperature PTFE Skived Tapes, Chemical Resistant Silicone Adhesive, Color-Tan
Skived UV FDA Approved PTFE Tape High Temperature PTFE Skived Tapes, Silicone Adhesive, UV Resistant, FDA Approved, Color-White
PTFE Skived Tape-Pressure Sensitive Pressure Sensitive, Chemical Resistant Silicone Adhesive
PTFE Pressure Sensitive Tapes Chemical & Moisture Resistant, Temp. Range is -40° to +300°F.
Super Slick PTFE Tapes Grey Tint, Silicone or Acrylic Adhesives,  Dielectric 9500 to 11000 v/mil
PTFE Tape-ESD-UV Black, Abrasion Resistant, UV Stabilized Silicone Adhesive, Surface Resistivity <106 ohms/sq, Temperatures -100° to +500°F
Rulon PTFE Tape Bearing Tape, Marron Tint, Temp. Range -100°F to 500°F, Silicone Adhesive, Can Withstand, extreme dryness, cryogenic temps, water, steam, hydrocarbons.
PVC Tape UV Stabilized 2 Sided Acrylic Adhesive, Conforms to irregular surfaces, UV and Solvent Resistant, Temp. Range -20°F to +150°F
PVDF Kynar Tape Clear Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, FDA 21 CFR 177.510, USDA, USP XX Class VI, 3A sanitary standards and meets ASTM D3222, UV Stabilized, Dielectric Strength 7.5 K/mil, Max Temp 300F, Color-Clear
PVC Butyl Coated Tape Sealing Tape - Butyl Coated, Easy Release Liner, Temp. Range -15°F to +160°F, Black
PVC Closed Cell Tape Grey or Black Foam Closed Cell, Acrylic Adhesive, Black or Grey
Silicone Rubber Self Fusing Tape Self Fusing, No Adhesive, Temp. Range -75°F to 390° F, Permanent after wrapped, Fuses in Minutes, cures in 24 hours at Room Temp
Silicone Sponge Foam Tape-Closed Cell High Temperature Silicone Sponge Foam Tapes, Closed Cell, Chemical Resistant
Silicone Sponge Foam-Closed Cell, Pressure Sensitive Tape Pressure Sensitive Sponge Foam Tapes, Closed Cell, Silicone Adhesive, Temp. Range -100°F to 500°F
Silicone Sponge Foam Tape-Closed Cell High Temperature, Closed Cell, Compressible & flexible, Conforms to irregular surfaces
UHMW Antistatic Tape Antistatic ESD UHMW Tapes, Acrylic 3M9712 Adhesive, Black, <10� Ohms Surface Resistivity
UHMW Foam Tape Shock Absorbing, Noise Dampening, .005" UHMW Film laminated to .060" Polyurethane Foam, .002" Thick Acrylic Adhesive
UHMW Super Bonding Tape UHMW High Bond (HB) UV Stabilized Tape has all the benefits of strong, slippery, abrasion-resistant with High Bond 3M high-strength, high tack, chemical-resistant acrylic adhesive.
High Tack, Bond Strength increases with Temperature, High Humidity has minimal effect on adhesive, Water Resistant, Resists Gasoline, Oil Freon, mild acids and alkalis
Temp Range 0°F to +200°F, FDA, USDA Approved, White
UHMW Tape Abrasion Resistant UHMW PE provides a nonstick, low-friction surface similar to PTFE tape but with much higher abrasion and puncture resistance.  FDA compliant for Food Contact.  Acrylic Adhesive, Natural, Temp range is -40°F to +225°F.  Temp Ranges -40°F to 230°F

Tapes by Widths in Inches
.250" .375" .500" .625" .750" 1.00"
1.50" 2.0" 3.0" 3.50" 4.0" 6.0"
8.0" 10.0" 12.0"